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Panaska Co. Ltd. imports and distributes a wide variety of chemical raw materials.

PAINT RAW MATERIALS: Dispersions, Pigments, Additives

SOLVENTS: Glycol Ether, Acetates, Oxo-Alcohols, Non-Ionic, Anionic, Cationic Surfactants, Sequestrants, Dispersing Agents

PLASTICS: Polystyrene, ABS, SBS

DETERGENTS: Washing up liquid, Liquid Laundry Detergent, Rinse Aid, Surface Cleaners & Disinfectants, Toilet cleaners - Disinfectants, Floor Polishes, Oven Cleaner, Fabric Softener, Concentrated Products (Glass cleaner, Air Freshener, Acid disinfectant, Hard surface cleaner, Thick chlorine

COSMETICS: Shampoos, Hair Lotion, Hair Conditioner, Hand Cream, Body lotions & Creams, Toothpaste

PANASKA is in contact some of the leading European and USA producers of raw materials.