1.                   From our website www.panaska.com select B2B Login


2.                   On the LOGIN page enter your username and password



3.                  On the Product Catalogue page, insert the quantity next to the products you want to order by selecting the appropriate units (e.g Kg, drum, pallet).



4.                  Check your cart by selecting the appropriate field. Select the Checkout button if the products in the cart are correct or select close if you want to make any changes.




5.                  On the Checkout window:

1.       Add extra order notes if needed e.g your order reference.

2.       Choose the delivery method

3.       Proceed with Order

4.       You can also Request a Quotation before placing an order




6.                   On the Proceed with Order window:

1.       Choose the appropriate delivery address. Leave blank for pick-ups.

2.       Choose the requested delivery date

3.       Place Order



7.                  Congratulations! Your order has been submitted and will automatically be entered in our ERP system for review.



8.               When your order will be submitted to our system, an automatically generated email will be sent to your registered email address.