PANASKA TRADING CO. LTD is a family-owned business, founded in 1972 by Mr Panayiotis Pyrishis and officially registered in 1988. With over 30 years of experience, Panaska Trading is the leading wholesaler and distributor of chemical raw materials in Cyprus.The company was established in 1972 and officially registered in 1988. We import, store, trade and distribute chemical raw materials for a variety of industries. The excellent and consistent performance record of PANASKA is based on the extensive and long experience of our founder, along with the technical and marketing ability of his successors. One of PANASKA’S Key factors of success is the continuous attention we give to our customers thus creating excellent contacts as well as business and personal relations with all the sectors of the Cyprus industry.


Our vision was to establish in Cyprus the first “Chemical Supermarket” of chemical raw materials.


Our mission is to provide the highest quality of chemical raw materials to the industry, whilst maintaining the highest ethical and corporate standards. Panaska Trading Co Ltd strives to be the most effective and preferred channel partner in the industry. Our industry and customer-focused approach to chemical distribution is based on forming a winning relationship between customers and suppliers.


Our suppliers are top-class chemical manufacturers and distributors in Europe, USA and Asia. We do business both locally and overseas in Greece and Romania.


Our offices and stores are in Yeri Industrial Zone in Nicosia, with 5000 square meters storage capacity, which can accommodate non-hazardous and hazardous goods.


We distribute our products directly to our customer’s premises with our own vehicles. Our fleet includes five privately owned trucks. We keep around 2500 items in stock and we deliver our products within 2 working days from the order receipt. We distribute 15 000 MT/ year all over the island.


We have the knowledge to understand your business and assist you in maximizing growth opportunities. Whether you need help assessing product specs or troubleshooting product quality, our staff is ready to assist.


      • ·         We purchase our products from reputable suppliers
      • ·         We trade only high quality of raw materials
      • ·         We keep good relations with our suppliers
      • ·         Excellent relations with all our customers
      • ·         Listening to the needs of our customers
      • ·         Provide technical support to our customers
      • ·         High availability of raw materials
      • ·         Quick delivery
      • ·         Reliability